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Benefits of School Management System, School ERP, School Management Software

One of the best ways in which you can better your school management processes and systems ; is to set up professional learning communities. It is common knowledge that conventional professional development can be a rather pricey affair. There are so many expenses to take care of over here such as fees to be paid to speakers, hiring substitute teachers in order to cover the classes, and the expenses to be made towards texts. Experts also say that the present model of professional development – with a couple of meetings and workshops strewn around here and there – also does not always produce the desired results.              

Partnering with researchers

All around you would see universities and colleges trying their best to come up with classroom lessons that are innovative. They are always trying to find out the quality of new educational technologies, and come up with instructional practices that can prove to be effective for them. For example, at certain universities researchers are looking at ways in which children’s literature, which is highly interactive and visual in nature, can help improve the writing and reading skills of the students. As a result of such research teachers in these classrooms are now getting lesson plans, ideas, and materials that they are able to use for years to come.

Encouraging teachers to use social networking sites

When it comes to schools there is always plenty of discussion on how students are either using or misusing social networking sites such as Facebook. However, these social networking sites can be highly useful for the teachers and they can help improve school performance as well. From these websites, teachers can get proper ideas about how they would be able to teach different subjects and books in the class that they otherwise find difficult to deal with.

Collaborating on priority

As far as theory goes most schools want their teachers to join forces with each other in order to create lessons, share various resources and ideas, and address the individual learning needs of the students. However, the truth of the matter is that in most cases they do not really have the time to do so. In most cases, the maximum break that teachers have between classes is 20 minutes and at times it can come down to 5 minutes as well. It is little time to have any meaningful discussion with your colleagues as such. This is where you administrators need to think and think hard.

Managing and sharing data

School administrators need to make allowance for platforms to be used in their school that would make it easier for all stakeholders to manage data and shares it around as well. By using such platforms they would be able to take care of data pertaining to the students. This would be especially beneficial for the teachers as they would now have access to the grades, attendance, test scores, and other important details of their students. Through such dashboard based systems, you too would be able to review in a short span of time how well your students are doing.



Benefits of School Management System, Parents, School ERP, School Management Software

The answers lie within your school ERP system

What is a school ERP system?

A school ERP system, like ZipSchools is a platform that automates the processes an institution runs on. Right from admissions processing to alumni event organisation, your school management system can ensure that your institution runs more smoothly.

ZipSchools  is especially useful because it takes over multiple functions – from organising parent-teacher conferences, to fee processing and receipt generation, to setting up of study groups for discussions based on subject or learning levels, or even to ensure readily available private communication between various stakeholders.

Why do schools need one?

ZipSchools bring schools into the digital world while also making things easier for them. They help schools run more smoothly and efficiently while also reducing human resource costs.

Schools are not just a simple interaction where students come in to study and then leave. They are huge institutions that need organisation and consistency to function effectively. When they do not, it is students that suffer the most as they are not given the learning environment they need to learn. It is the role of a school to set up a learning environment that enhances and aids its teachers, administrators and students in doing the best that they can.

ZipSchools can thus help students, teachers, and management achieve their full potential and do the best that they can for the ultimate stakeholder in this ecosystem – the students.

How can ZipSchools make your institution more successful?

Increased efficiency 

The primary job school ERP systems perform well are to take over the day to day processes and long-term processes of a school and perform them. This means that these processes, that were previously being performed by humans, are not being performed by a program. What does this mean for schools? It means more consistently successful processes are carried out. This is because humans are fallible and error-prone. Fatigue sets in. Processes rely on perfect execution on a repeated basis – a platform like a school ERP system is perfect for this endeavour.

Reduced expenditure across the board

Since a school ERP software can take over multiple processes, labour costs and ancillary costs are reduced dramatically. Earlier, one would need a department for each function of an institution, populated by multiple people as staff. There are also overhead costs – for instance, the paper on which admission forms are printed, mailing of fee receipts, the communication costs of setting up meetings, creating schedules for each student, etc. With a school ERP system, all these are now taking place in a single window – reducing the time cost and the material cost of a lot of associated items. A reduced expenditure is something every school can use in these times of budgetary cuts and funding slashes. School ERP systems are the cost-effective way to ensure success for your school.

Better communication 

Your school ERP system will contain multiple options to communicate with all the stakeholders in your institution’s ecosystem. For example, students can have class discussions anywhere and anytime through the creation of classroom groups and student groups where ideas can be exchanged online. Parents and teachers have confidential communication about the progress of their student through private messaging options. Management can send a message out to the whole school – students and parents – using the dashboard feature to make important announcements. This reduction in time delays for communications means faster decision making and faster turnaround times – a win-win for all.

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More tech-embracing in a digital world

We live in a digital world – this is a fact that cannot be denied. Students of any institution will also be graduating into a world that has highly driven by technology. Does it not make sense that the school they gain their education in also be tech-embracing rather than tech-averse? The use of school ERP systems is vital for building a culture that makes technology understandable and accessible to students from a young age. It also gives them a realistic idea of how things function in the real world – employees do not write letters to each other anymore to share work updates, instead, they use emails. Why should students be turning in handwritten reports, when they could be doing the same?


Benefits of School Management System, Enquiry, Fee Management, Parents, School ERP, School Management Software

No matter what kind of school it is or the level it is functioning at it is very important for a school to use technological tools such as ZipSchools. In most cases, schools and such other educational institutions use these systems in order to make sure that they are able to manage and run their organization a lot better than what would have been possible otherwise. At the same time, the administration also wishes to provide a better overall experience to its teachers and students. However, parents also like these systems because of certain features.


One of the first features that parents love in a school ERP system is enrollment. These days, it has become a common feature of all school ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. With the help of this system, parents are able to enrol their children for the coming academic year as well. These systems come with entry tests as well as online registration forms.   

Online attendance of students

These days, the school ERP systems also come with online attendance facilities that are beneficial to the students and parents alike. In fact, these systems are designed in such a way that all authorized people can view the records and keep track of things if they wish to. Parents can also check out in a single window if their kids are going to the school on a regular basis or not. The benefit of these systems is that they get to view attendance on a real-time basis and at the same time they get informed regarding the leaves as well.

Management of fees

One of the biggest benefits of a school ERP software product is that parents always get the latest information about the fees that they need to pay for their children. They can always view the updated fee plans and thus stay informed at all times about this crucial aspect of their kids’ education. With the help of these systems they can easily take care of all the details and at the same time get notices regarding the dues that they are supposed to pay.

Effective Communication

In case of most parents out there it gets really difficult to talk to the teachers about how well their kids are performing. They just do not get the time to take part in such discussions. However, with ZipSchools, parents can easily get in touch with the students and keep an eye on their overall progress or lack of the same. These systems also allow them to get all the details of their child’s performance in different school tests and various other examinations.

School calendar

ZipSchools is also equipped with school calendars, where you get total information regarding how the entire academic year has been structured. Here you get details on the following and more:

  • holidays
  • events
  • assignments
  • meetings
  • lecture schedule
  • exam schedule

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent-teacher meetings are an important part of the communication process between the parents and the teachers. In fact, they also play a major role when it comes to determining the kind of relationship that the parents have with the school in general. With the help of ZipSchools, parents get constant information and update about these meetings. This helps them stay prepared and attend the meetings without fail. For parents that value the education of their children, this is an important feature and it cannot be denied under any circumstances. In fact, thanks to these systems parents would come to know in case any last minute changes are made to the scheduling of these meetings.

This would also make sure that any and every kind of miscommunication can be avoided.

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Ability to access progress Report Card

ZipSchools can provide parents with all the information that they may need with respect to their children. However, the most important one among them without a shadow of a doubt is the progress report. All parents out there want to know how well their children are doing in school and the best way to gauge that is surely the progress reports. Now, with the help of these systems parents do not need to wait any longer for the yearly report card day with bated breath to know how well their kids have done. Instead, through these systems, they can keep getting such information throughout the year.

In fact, as may have been implied already in the piece, with the help of these systems the parents can also get information about how well their kids are performing in various tests and that too on a real-time basis! This also makes sure that they are able to immediately identify any and every gap in the learning of their kids and address the areas where they may be gaps in learning. This way, they are also able to arrange for help in that regard such as additional tutoring before the gap becomes a major problem as such.



Admissions, Benefits of School Management System, Enquiry, Fee Management, School ERP, School Management Software

One of the biggest benefits of using a School Management Software is that it can reduce your costs significantly. This is, in fact, the most basic reason as to why people use ZipSchools. . There are so many things that the School Management Systems can do ; such as collecting fees and taking care of admissions, which is the most strenuous work that the school staff has to do. Since the entire management is happening online you are able to save a whole lot of money as well.

Advantages Of Using ZipSchools:

Organization Of data :

With ZipSchools, providing the Student Information Module, an academic organization can manage their student related data in a very easy way. With an education ERP system, you would have a lot of ways in which you can store and organize your data in the right way. This, in turn, would help you manage such data properly as well. Since the data is managed properly you are able to access it with just one click of the mouse.  

Migration Assistance:
ZipSchools is a one of a kind Schools Management Software that facilitates the data migration feature. This will help the school to have a “Ready To Use” system which will in-turn help them save a lot of time in having to enter the existing data, which happens to be a major concern while an academic organization migrates to an online system.

Data security:

The most important benefit that you get from ZipSchools is data security. The data of  the academic organization is stored on web servers and as such is in a much more secure condition compared to data that is stored in shelves and other such physical storage units. The main reason for such a statement is the fact that the data stored in such a way has a number of backups. This makes sure that the data stays secure always. You can be sure that you will not get such a facility with data stored in files .


With ZipSchools it is possible for you to automate your school’s administration system. Normally, without such a system you have to manage your entire administration manually and there are high chances of human error occurring which can be catastrophic to an academic organization. At times it is also not possible for you to track these flaws that easily and manage them. There is a lot of important administrative work that you need to do as a school such as collecting fees, managing books in a library, and dealing with admissions.

Faster And Better Management:

With the help of ZipSchools, it is possible for you to carry out various kinds of school administrative work within a much shorter span of time. All you need to do is implement these systems and see for yourself how fast things become. In fact, it can be a lot better than what you may have imagined earlier. This, in turn, helps you focus more on your principal job – “Providing the best possible education to the students.”

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Con’s And Myths Surrounding a School Management System:

One of the biggest problems of ERP, especially in an educational setup, is that you would never be able to measure your ROI (return on investment). If at the very least you do not get what you want from your ERP implementation you have to regard it as a failure only. If as a school you are not a profit-driven entity it can be hard for you to bear the costs of implementing an ERP system. Apart from buying the system, there are also some real costs such as implementation and planning, configuration, and customization to deal with over here.

With ZipSchools the above mentioned challenges are bottled down with the help of our dedicated teams focused on each area , to ensure maximum benefit from the usage of our system.

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