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Application And Enquiry – Admissions

When parents think about their children starting at a new school or college, there are a lot of questions in their mind. Every parent has different concerns and requirements for their child.Deciding which school they want their kid to go to a major decision , as all we as parents want is the best for our kids. Several questions arise while going through the list of possible options such as, what facilities do they have ? how much is the fee? and several other such questions. It is not possible or rather we can say that it is rather taxing to visit every school personally to inquire about our queries and even during the actual admission process where we would need to stand in a Que and wait for our turn only to submit a piece of paper that would “probably” get our child into that school.

The ZipSchools application and enquiry module helps us with doing all the above tiring tasks in just a few clicks. The added advantage of ZipSchools being any device compatible helps the users to use the modules on any device. If we need to enquire about the school, you only need to have the website of the school and fill out the desire form which is either the admission for or an enquiry form and the respective ADMIN from that school would reach out to us through a desired medium. And in case post the inquiry we feel that we have found the perfect school for our child we can simply convert the enquiry into an admission form while retained the information filled out on the eqnuiry form. A parent would also get a parent portal where they could see the status of their current application.(accepted/denied/wait-listed). The parent portal is easy to log in using an existing Facebook or google account which will retain the basic information further reducing the time that would take to fill out details.