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Managing an entire school can be very tedious. Right from admissions to maintaining the School Financial activities and to make sure the academic activities are on the right track , a school administrator’s day is never easy .

What if  there is a School Management System which not only saves your time but money as well?  Yes, ZipSchools is the school management software which will help you save the two most precious things of your life – Money and time.

Here are some of the cool features of a School Management system and how can it save your organization’s money.

  1. Admission & Registration- If your organization’s admission process still involves the old methods of relying on the paper, ZipSchools can surely cut your cost in that section by making your admission form completely online and storing all the information digitally. This will help not only in saving paper and money but in turn, will help the nature also.
  2. Savings in cost of communication- Printing circulars for holidays and events can lead to increased cost; even communicating with parents for the fees and other school-related activities can increase your cost. ZipSchools comes with inbuilt  SMS and Email facility which will directly convey your messages to the parents.
  3. Maximum Utilization- With ZipSchools you will be able to utilize your resources in the campus to their maximum potential, like regularly keeping the track of your buses’ maintenance log for a timely maintenance which can save your money, if your vehicle is regularly serviced.
  4. Students and Faculty management-  You can keep complete track of the students and faculty information in the ZipSchools. This will help your organization cut down the extra human resource and paper cost.
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